The Story of a Lifetime is a multimedia slide show presentation that is used to remember those that are close to us.  It honors  the life, and memory of  loved ones.

Traditionally, funeral homes provide a service where photographs are displayed on an easel for guests to celebrate the life of the deceased. The Story of a Lifetime is a living legacy that will undoubtedly be the way families will choose to remember, and to be remembered for generations to come.

We digitally reproduce the images and create a multimedia presentation that contains an automatically advancing slide show.  An audio track of the family's choice accompanies the program.  When the show ends,  the program starts over automatically and the song begins again.

This slide show program can be displayed on a laptop or monitor for guests to view at their leisure.


Copies of the program will be available on mini CDs that the viewer may take with them as a keepsake that will live on for far many more years than an ordinary photograph, and is an interactive journey into the lives of our loved ones.

We also have the ability to put additional photographs, music and even video footage on the CD that can be a part of the slide show, or just stored for archival purposes.

This slide show can now be transferred to video tape eliminating the need for a computer.

Click here to see screenshots of the slide show.


The Story of a Lifetime: An American Hero